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Featured Projects

  • Aftershock Teaser
    Timmy Takedown
    Indianapolis Intl. Film Festival
    Paws Aboard - Freedom Leash 2
  • Bastian Solutions - Petzl Case Study
    Kroger - G.R.E.A.T. People
    WARMfest 2013
    Sarah Fisher Racing
  • Vibrations - A Documentary (2011 Emmy Nominee)
    Exact Target - Connections
    Q-It Up Commercial
    Dura Products - Dura Load Station
  • Automatic Pool Covers
    Data Cave
    Indianapolis Airport Authority
    Iron Warrior Fight League
  • Anti-Bully Charm Kickstarter
    The Cliff Effect
    Mancave - Playbabes
    Planet Asia - Furniture
  • Ripley Auctions - Wilbur Shaw
    Big 10 Tournament
    Surface Solutions
    Andre: Hand Drummer
  • APR Motorsport
    Bastian Solutions - SMC Case Study
    Indy's Visitors Channel
    Music Videos

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